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MCSG Monitoring
Product model: EC3000 for Cabinet
Product Brief:The EC3000MC PD monitoring system can be configured according to the voltage level. Different configuration of the switchgear can be configured with different PD sensors. The sensor can be installed with adsorption or built-in installation. The built-in sensor is suitable for 40KV inflator or C-GIS. The monitoring system is used in power equipment from 10KV to 40KV. Considering the cost factor, the same type of sensor is used in the monitoring of the partial discharge of the switch cabinet. A partial discharge monitoring device can be used to connect multiple partial discharge sensors. The UHF partial discharge sensor is preferred, and the adsorption installation is installed on the inner wall of the switch cabinet.
  • EC3000MC局放监测系统可以根据的电压等级,不同结构的开关柜配置不同的局放传感器,传感器的可安装吸附式安装或内置式安装,内置式传感器适合于40KV充气柜或C-GIS。监测系统使用于 10KV到 40KV的电力设备。考虑成本因数,开关柜局放监测中采用同一类传感器,可采用一个局放监测装置连接多个局放传感器,首选超高频局放传感器,采用吸附式安装,安装于开关柜内壁。

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