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Product model: EC4000 (Diagnostic)
Product Brief:The EC4000 series of PD testers enable PD detection of GIS, transformers, cables and switchgear. The equipment includes mainframe, sensors (optional UHF, high frequency current, and ultrasonic), IBM laptop, analysis software and portable Accessories such as boxes. Analyze the presence or absence of partial discharge and discriminate the intensity of partial discharge; perform partial discharge pattern recognition; be able to analyze background noise and partial discharge signals; display partial discharge spectrum map and on-site measured interference spectrum map, including discharge pattern recognition, analysis and prediction The severity of discharge defects, as well as storage, output and printing functions. EC4000PLUS PD diagnostic tester and EC4000PLUS+ are high-profile, high-performance products in the EC4000 series. The EC4000PLUS+ can determine precise positioning of PD.

  • Analyze the presence or absence of partial discharge and discriminate the intensity of partialdischarge;perform partial discharge pattern recognition;display partial discharge spectrummap and on-site measured interference spectrum map,including discharge pattern recognition,analyze and predict the severity of partial discharge defects,and store and output Printingunction;able to analyze the background noise and partial discharge signal;built-in partialdischarge typical discharge type map and typical interference type map data;use variousspectrum analysis to diagnose faults; with noise switch elimination software function switch,you can switch Before and after noise elimination, the EC4000 has been sold in China since2010.It has participated in competition tests conducted by Guangdong Electric Power ResearchInstitute,Jiangsu Electric Power Research Institute, Hunan Electric Power Research Institute,and Liaoning Electric Power Research Institute. In many tests, relying on superior performanceadvantages, ranked first. At present,the sales have accumulated over 100 units, and theEC4000 PD tester not only provides conventional UHF mainframes,but also provides ultra-highfrequency, high-frequency current,ultrasonic and other mainframes. The number of channelssupports 4 channels, 5 channels,6 channels, 7 channels, 8 channels, and 9 channels.

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