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Product model: EC4000P UltraScan
Product Brief:The EC4000P multi-function PD tester, a compact machine that can realize different types of principle sensors, can meet the daily electrical equipment inspection of most customers, including GIS, transformers, cables, switch cabinets, lines and so on. The EC4000P has five measurement modes: UHF (Ultra High Frequency), HFCT (High Frequency Current Sensing), TEV (Transient to Earth Voltage), AE (Ultrasonic), and AA Non-Contact Ultrasound. It can be connected to 5 kinds of sensors and can be sensed. Various types of partial discharge of different types of high-voltage equipment. The PRPS and PRPD spectra of each measurement mode show that the high-voltage equipment can be quickly scanned to obtain the PD measurement results. It is an indispensable diagnostic tool for power companies and industrial customers.

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