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Product model: EC3000 PDM software
Product Brief:Based on 20 years of PD experience and test data, the development of powerful features of expert-level PD analysis software helps you easily resolve PD monitoring of electrical equipment. The EC4000 PD portable monitoring system automatically recognizes the type of partial discharge, accurately distinguishes between PD signals and noise signals, avoiding unnecessary losses and wasted time.

  • 基于20年的局放经验和测试数据,开发的强大功能的专家级局放分析诊断软件,帮助您轻松解决对电气设备的局放监测。EC4000局放便携式监测系统能够自动识别局部放电的类型,准确区分局放信号和噪音信号,避免不必要的损失和时间浪费。

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