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EC3000 passes test in South China Grid release time:2015-07-21 09:23:54
The EC3000 Bureau placed a full-featured test of the line monitoring system, and 19 tests were all passed. It is one of the best among all companies that do monitoring products in China Southern Power Grid.
1, including the rationality of the distribution of the sensor, the excellent performance of our company's products in the 220KV GIS interval using four sensors, fully meet the requirements of GIS PD monitoring.
On the open basin insulator, the whole system reaches 5pC monitoring, and the standard of the southern network is 5pC.
Tested in the pot insulator of the pouring hole, the entire system is monitored to a minimum of 6PC. The standard for the South Net score is 10pC
2, the sensitivity of the external sensor: up to 13.1mm, is the highest level in the industry. The standard of the South Network is qualified 6mm, our company is far more than 6mm
3, the dynamic range of the system fully meets the minimum PD monitoring and maximum PD monitoring
4, EMC electromagnetic anti-interference test, completely passed
5,61850 communication test, fully meet the requirements of China Southern Power Grid
6, monitoring system features, including PD monitoring and diagnostic functions, fully meet the requirements

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