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EC4000PLUS+ solves PD location problem release time:2016-08-20 13:42:45

The C4000 portable PD diagnostic tester is recognized by the majority of users for its excellent performance. The EC4000PLUS greatly enhances the sensitivity and anti-interference ability based on the EC4000, and increases the switching function of different frequency bands, enabling fast noise separation in software. The EC4000 and EC4000PLUS have sold hundreds of units.
Following the EC4000 and EC4000PLUS, the EC4000PLUS+ has retained the functions of the previous EC4000PLUS, while achieving fast, simple and accurate PD placement, changing the positioning method of the sensor plus amplifier plus oscilloscope.
It is widely recognized as an effective test method for GIS localization positioning: It is combined with a high-speed oscilloscope (1G bandwidth, 4G sampling rate) and amplifier (20dB and 40dB).

In general, the UHF PD tester can monitor -60dBm, or -70dBm, or better sensitivity -80dBm. For signals below -45dBm (<1mV), it is difficult to capture the UHF sensor directly connected to the oscilloscope. Signal, which is determined by the minimum sensitivity of the oscilloscope. The minimum detection of an oscilloscope can only be mV. This requires a 20dB or 40dB amplifier of the preamplifier. This method is proved to be the best in most cases. Positioning technology. Of course, there are high requirements for the amplifier's interference cancellation noise technology.
In the waveform recognition, the tester's recognition ability is highly demanded, and the user needs to correctly recognize the time difference between the two pulses for the PD signal. For some small signals, the difficulty of recognition is even greater.
At the same time, because the volume of the oscilloscope is generally large, and some even exceed 10 kilograms, it is more troublesome for the case of frequent out-of-home testing, especially for foreign projects.

Note: The most basic of UHF positioning is high speed acquisition. Each channel has a sampling rate of at least 2G. The sampling rate is less than 2G, and it is impossible to sample at the nS level, and the sampling time is 100M. The time error is 10nS or more.
The EC4000PLUS+ performs partial discharge positioning on signals with signals less than -75dBm (or even -80dBm, that is, 20uV). It can be easily and quickly positioned without the aid of an amplifier. At the same time of positioning, it is also possible to simultaneously view the maps of the PDPS and PRPD of the PD.
High precision: With 5GS/S sampling, the sampling accuracy per channel is 0.4nS, the time difference between the two channels is more accurate, less than 30CM, and most cases can reach 5~10CM
High sensitivity and large dynamic range: No external amplifier can detect signals of -80dBm minimum. The large PD signal (or large insulation signal) of the same suspension class will not overflow, and the PDPS and PRPD can be displayed completely.
Filter denoising: Even if the noise interference is large, it can effectively remove noise. When positioning, it can be effectively positioned when there is a large noise signal.
Simple and fast: complex waveforms are simplified, time differences can be identified more quickly, and beginners can master measurement positioning within 5 minutes.
Rich configuration: optional UHF, or UHF UHF plus ultrasonic
The EC4000PLUS+ can reach -80dBm at both low and high frequencies. Can meet weak signals, or long distance positioning.

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