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EC4000 & Ultrascan helps national grid release time:2016-08-02 08:32:39

In June 2016, the power detection skills between the provincial power companies began to compete. The first, second, third and fifth provincial power companies chose our IC4000PLUS UHF diagnostics. The instrument and the Ec4000P Ultrascan multi-function PD tester participated in the competition. The EC4000P UltraScan features fast detection and high sensitivity of -80dBm, enabling fast and accurate patrol testing without missing suspected discharge signals. The EC4000PLUS diagnostic model has high sensitivity, strong noise cancellation, large dynamic range, and powerful neural network diagnostic capabilities, helping power companies to accurately analyze and locate suspect signals.

EC4000P ULtraScan 巡检                                                                          EC4000PLUS 诊断

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